I want my uTube back..

When my usual tryst with uTube commenced today morning, I was stunned to see a new look version of the legendary library. To compound problems further, I was shocked and bewildered to find that the URL links for my concurrent downloads were conspicuously missing.

Omigosh!!!?? Please don’t tell me that the pre-beta and the subsequent beta versions would lack this phenomenal feature for worldwide downloads. That would be nothing short of a catastrophe and I would perhaps be one of the greatest calamities of this new look uTube, which is evidently a result of 8 months of innovative thought process and huge number of experiments/implementations before they arrived at this juncture.

But freaks, while I appreciate and shower accolades for your new invention out of this popular idiot forum for the fraternity, I would be elated if you give my old yet convincing and simpler uTube back…!!!

I have and would always admire technological innovations on any tool that is as revolutionary as the uTube (it boasts of a new enriched look with high definition quality, improved streaming performance, better organizer of your favorite videos/movies and increased bandwidth), but I would insist on retaining certain features that makes uTube one of the most proverbial and influential tools for browsing entertainment all over the world.

So far, my frantic search for the URL’s has been a futile effort and the embedded links/html code are of little use. I did take myself through the official blog but that only raved about it’s new and improved features, but not a hint of existence about my baby…!!

Please don’t create an orphan out of me when the whole world is consumed by the guardian..!!

Awaiting the comeback!

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Flamboyance meets me, and I could be contagiously luring. It kind of comes off in my writing, as my stories of passion and indulgence unfold.

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