Aayarithil Oruvan – A mishap that became a disaster..

I always thought that Selveraghavan had some logic in his movies, even though I have never been a great admirer of his so called quintessential yet realistic approach of filmmaking. But ‘AO’ has surpassed all levels of insanity. Undoubtedly, it is one of his most pathetic works till date and I really felt that I wasted 145 minutes of my meaningful life.

A definitive plot and an unconventional subject was treated in an inane, stupid manner and the characters looked like buffoons on screen. The entire set up of revisiting the ‘Chola’ era and discovering lost pride was fine with me, but where the hell was the screenplay and editing in the entire flick..?? The story went completely haywire from all quarters and gradually became a juggernaut of unpredictable and senseless sequences. I thought that the 10 minute teaser of this film would have been sufficient for those who sing praises of the director. I pity them for their lack of understanding the nuances of quality cinema (I always believe that sometimes quality might be devoid of entertainment but not always…).
The cast is equally frivolous. The talented Karthick has been wasted and Raima Sen should have signed this deal after some sensational talks with the director, only to end up working in a venture that can be termed as an utterly forgettable one. I always thought she deserved a better deal (If only she had the brains to think sensibly). Andrea was still tolerable, thankfully because she was left out of the script for most of the second half and she has every reason to thank her stars for this great escape. And not even GOD can tell me what the **** was Parthiban doing in this epic spoof..?? Sometimes, I wonder if some actors have started believing that they can come up with some shit and the audience would still accept it apologetically..??!!!
Well, I am still wondering why I saw this film in the first place but it has definitely given me an opportunity to invoke the critic within me and write the way I love the most: to be open, precise and straight. You can hate me for this, but I love myself for it..!!!
I am hoping that Selveraghavan wakes up from his slumber and decides to make something watchable the next time around.

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