Tale of Two Legacies

The biggest prize of all – The World Cup. And without doubt, this would be known as Messi’s World Cup. He stamped his class and authority as he led his team to a third title – the last time we watched a Argentinian lifting this elusive trophy was 36 years ago. That itself speaks volumes of why and how this win for Argentina and Messi is so significant for the country – beyond sports and football.

The game was dead rubber for 70 minutes and dominated by 2 Argentina goals (Messi making the most of the penalty and Di Maria’s beauty which clearly won hearts). Then, perhaps everything changed and looked like a French comeback was on the cards. What followed was a stunning, dazzling display for quality football and reminding us why this is such a spectacular game. I did feel sorry for Mbappe but I was pleased Argentina won.

My love for Football and Argentina goes back to my childhood days, and really, those were the days of unblemished innocence and pure joy. Perhaps life was way more simpler then, and Football looked more glorious than ever. And, Maradona was my hero. He still is, and I don’t think Messi’s victory lap will change my sentiments for the great man. But I am totally thrilled to see that Messi was finally able to emulate his Hero (and Argentina’s God) to bag the coveted trophy. The endless comparisons and the criticism of not having performed at the same level for his national team (his record with Barcelona is impeccable to say the least) can now be shut and dumped in the barracks – he has indeed silenced his critics once and for all. That includes me as well.

I would also refrain from comparisons of Messi’s victory with what Maradona did in 1986 (though hypothetically it is inevitable). It was a different era, the world looked very different then and that victory was by all means, a more defining moment in Argentina’s sporting history. Also, despite the fact that both were/are precocious talent, they are made very differently. Maradona was an extrovert, the golden boy from the slums of Villa Fiorito who could do magic with a football, charismatic, troublemaker, inspiring and controversial. Messi on the other hand, is more reserved, leads a more stable life (family and kids), despite the enormous amount of ability and attention, remains so grounded. So, contrasting personalities really but the genius is the common factor. They both led young, hungry, enterprising players (Maradona had Burruchaga, Messi had Alvarez and Di Maria) to achieve the ultimate glory for their country.

Personally, I will remember 18 Dec 2022 for a very long time to come. I watched the match with family and close friends, nothing can beat the aura of a good football match and dinner with loved ones.

As everyone is saying – Gracias, Messi 👏 🙇 ❤️.

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