Maradona – Genius and Rebel

The Football Player

Maradona was not just a football player, he was perhaps the most attractive and magnetic personality the game of football has ever seen.

Way back, for young kids like me, he was Football himself. He was one of the very few and rare players in the history of any sport who has enthralled millions across the world with his talent which was nothing short of absolute, sheer magic.

I would say, with his death, a part of our childhood has died. A generation will mourn as his death is a loss to everyone who has watched this wizard in action.

Yes, his health issues had a profound impact on his otherwise massively celebrated life as a footballer. Drugs, Alcohol and his reputation of being the bad boy of the sport eventually took its toll on his overall reputation. Some players are pure characters, they will just outshine everybody else on the field. Outside, they will be temperamental, abusive, laced with psychological issues. Rebellious, tainted and sunk in his own world, Maradona was never able to come out of his own destructive self, though we always ended up adoring him for what he was to us – A champion football player, a charismatic leader, precariously gifted and an awe inspiring sportsman.

Yes, the game will continue to produce greats but no one will ever come close to what Maradona was.

The game will miss you.

The Champion – World Cup, 1986

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