War and Immortality

If you are in the edge and you run the show using your instincts and an indomitable spirit to protect your country, then the equation becomes binary. ‘Greyhound’ is a war film and precisely shot, a gripping and pulsating event comes live on screen with the enigmatic Tom Hanks. Tom is also credited with the screenplay for the film and he doesn’t disappoint. Lasting for a little over 92 minutes, ‘Greyhound’ is a stealer that doesn’t stop despite withering waters and devouring enemy lines. Without inevitable comparisons to classics, I will round this off as a watchable delight. Streaming on Apple TV+.

If immortality exists and we could live for years or centuries, then this world will become the epitome of a dysfunctional world. ‘The Old Guard’ is a robust take on this perilous concept and what follows is a roller coaster ride, adept with thrills and frills. I don’t miss Charlize Theron, hence this was an obvious selection. Rest, I want to say very little about anything else. Was I guarded..? Yes, I was. Streaming on Netflix.

Published by lifeoholic

Flamboyance meets me, and I could be contagiously luring. It kind of comes off in my writing, as my stories of passion and indulgence unfold.

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