The Master – One of his Kind

What can I say?

Wishing ‘Happy Birthday’ to you is grossly similar to mortals trying to match the exploits of the sun and moon.

Satellites are a tad shy when it comes to your repertoire.

An icon and a legend of our times, there is no take away between your elite investment on the face of pure and generative cinema, and the sublime quality that came out from your stable, consistently.

Not just great, incredible stories. Stories with soul, enriched with human transcendence and path breaking relevance.

Nayak, Charulata, Aranyer Din Ratri, Agantuk, Pather Panchali, The Apu Trilogy..

Just to name a few. But enough for our goosebumps to last for a lifetime.

Perhaps, even more.

Sir, I take a bow!

And yes, if I can.

Happy Birthday, Satyajit Ray.

An Artist. The Filmmaker. The Auteur.

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