Narcos: S1 & S2

“I am ashamed. You are a murderer”.

Nothing defined the paramedics of ‘Narcos’ more than these epochal words from Pablo Escobar’s father.

All this blood and vengeance for a drug trafficker and a narco terrorist? Well, every story has dual lens and this one is no different. Just that, it was one hell of a man hunt.

‘Narcos’ is stupendously shot in a vibrant and voracious chase of a man who threatened the very existence of the government and its administration. In fact, Pablo Escobar made a mockery of the entire system by throwing stuffed cash on your face. It was all bloody dirty cash, but who cares?

There are many individuals and celebrities – good, bad and ugly, who have inspired and shaped me in the formative years that has invoked a sense of perpetual discipline in my personality. I look forward to such inspirations who can tow me down to the pinnacle of eternity and provide a glimpse of what matters in the end. Vision, Purpose and Redemption are the key.

‘Narcos’ is a breathtaking tale of the emergence of the drug cartels in South America and how Colombia truly became the mixed capital of the world. And one man, rose and rule as the King. We also see various shades of the Pablo Escobar – his violence, his patriotism, his love for the people of Colombia, his acts of defiance and terror, his side of the devil and its evil tentacles. For more than 2 decades, the Colombian forces along with DEA (US counter intelligence) fought hardcore battles with the drug cartels. In their peak, the drug cartels were an absolute menace (not the human kind) and it is difficult to believe that we had such lethal dominance by a man of mere flesh and blood who had no fear. Colombia was reeling under the drug kingdom, everything and anything else was not important except one. Pablo Escobar.

‘Narcos’ is well written, in fact, beautifully scripted and spectacularly moving. It has some of the best written lines for a television series – please note I am not a big TV series aficionado, so I mean every word of what I am penning down here.

Wagner Maura as Pablo Escobar is brilliant and astounding. His posture, the intensity, the madness and the man himself – he encapsulates them in to his own like never before. I am not in to Brazilian Cinema, but I think I now have enough incentives to get in to it.

Few of them stood out for sheer audacity of events and the fearlessness that surrounds the horror of the human mind.

“We are Bandits, my brother. We will always be one”. Gustavo’s words to Pablo when he intends to enter politics.

“He owns lot of houses but he has no home”. Aptly stated and conveyed through the narrative by-lanes.

“Look at me”. Pablo’s words as he shoots down Carrillo, Head of Search Bloc.

“Let them see me, they are my people”. Pablo to Limon as he gets out of the tarmac of the car, meets people in the streets of Medellin and distributes cash.

“After all these years, I am in front of Pablo fucking Escobar. But when we finally get to him, the devil is a disappointment. His beard grows if he doesn’t shave. Fat and shoeless”. In narration, as spoken by Steve Murphy, DEA agent.

Season 3, I am coming.

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