The Lonely Sabotage

What begets of a sunshine girl who is conspicuously confined to the doors of darkness and anguish?

She was timid but curt, pretty but not flamboyant. Besides, she liked keeping to herself. With a cherry like smile and rolling brown eyes, she was this restrained girl of unreliable dreams. Quite and outside the cynosure of eyes, she liked quietness around her. 

Since last week, though, things have changed. She still keeps to herself and is quietness personified. But there is sorrow and pain in her eyes. Not the type to vomit our emotions or vent out in a fit of rage. But there is something so unusually distracting and tumultuous about her sudden stature. People in the workplace chatter but don’t talk to her. She hardly talks to anyone, if fact she does not talk to anyone. 

Couple of weeks gone by, the pain and the sorrow is still hovering large. The smile has disappeared and eyes look terribly woven.

What could have gone wrong? What could be so viciously staggering that is troubling a 25 year old to no bounds? 

After 4 disastrous weeks, she stops coming to work. Her colleagues, her peers, her bosses – all are worked and lost. But no one has the answer. She has just disappeared, just gone. 

One of her more inquisitive and caring colleague decided to take a peek at her home, which is located in the suburbs and the reachability is tenaciously disabled. Yet, she decided to take the plunge and find out what’s gone wrong (or perhaps can go wrong). She was ably supported by couple of adjoining people at work.

But nothing came out. The house was locked out and no one was at home. As it appeared, no one has been home since couple of weeks – the neighbours gave them good evidence.

Disappointed and dejected, they came back. They requested the neighbours to give them a call if they saw or heard about her whereabouts.

Couple of weeks went by without notice, and the realistic audience decided that the girl has gone absconding and was one of those characters who don’t come back. Pretentious and filthy.

3 days later, one of the neighbours called stating they find something unusual and scary about the house as they hear some noises though it is conspicuous and difficult to decipher. There is also this stale smell that is quite scary to explain. We rush to the girl’s place.

We break the door open to find out that the girl is lying in a pool

of blood. We have a man and woman lying beside her, with their throat slit. The dead bodies have been in this state for more than a week now and it was difficult for us to stay in the place any further.

We were stunned, no words to express the gore we just witnessed. 

What would have happened? What led to the mysterious death of such a tepid and innocent girl? Who are the 2 people found dead near her?

We only had questions at our disposal, but answers were more scary and heinous.

* The concluding part of this story will be published on Monday, 21 Aug at 11 PM.

Published by lifeoholic

Flamboyance meets me, and I could be contagiously luring. It kind of comes off in my writing, as my stories of passion and indulgence unfold.

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