We are still fighting back..

Couple of weeks ago, I woke up to the dastardly act in Turkey that consumed valuable lives. Last week, the city of Dhaka was under fire.

Where are we heading towards? Are we moving at all or have the tragedies of incumbency stolen the sheen of human spirit away from us? Are we dying? Can we die? Can we let it go?

Over the years, I have seen governments and leaders fighting terror. The faces of terror have no names, no religion, no native. They exist as paranormal deficiencies of our versatile society. Our society and cultures we are so proud of. We are proud of what we have achieved as a human race, we admire and preserve our relationships, relationships that have taught us values, self esteem and the right to live life with dignity.
But, who are these carnivorous people who have become such a devilish threat to our own DNAs? What has bought them to bring wrath and fury amongst our own friends, relatives, acquaintances? What have we done so wrong that our clan is hell bent to destroy the very existence of our most valuable signatures?

It pains, yes, it pains to see that we are still fighting. Whom are we fighting – Imperialist, Communist, Extremist, Democrat..?? This situation is not a product of a face, it is the epitome of hatred and prejudice. Jealousy and insecurity. Envy and grudge. The ability to lose faith in ourselves is a dangerous journey, fatal when we decide to plague ourselves over human lives.

The very need to kill and massacre people/property to let others know you are right is a sign of self obsessed, diabolic and very ill mind who hopes to bring a change in this world with violence and discrimination.

We must stop talking about ‘safe’ places any more. Because, there is no safe place around. If something is safe, then it’s our country, our people, our society, our cultures, our value system that has given us all we have. Freedom, money, health, family – all this is acquired as a means of we being an individual who is empowered to stay alive and fight bravely. Our miseries will come to an end once we realise what we are fighting for. This fight is not for a cause, not for a purpose. This is the fight of supremacy, the fight within than the one that lurks outside. Start feeling safe inside, the outside world will salute you.

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Flamboyance meets me, and I could be contagiously luring. It kind of comes off in my writing, as my stories of passion and indulgence unfold.

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