typical father weekend

my weekend these days means lots of cuddling and indulging in nonchalant pampering of my 5 month old toddler. yes, everything is surrounded by his exploits and his presence dictates the agenda of our day. he smiles, makes weird sounds, smiles again, doesn’t cooperate for a feed, loves to be patronised with love, touch and physical presence. positions have to be amended periodically to accommodate his convenience, sleeps little and smiles more. a pleasant baby, smiles when he gets up in the morning and laughs his way through as we remain flooded in his palatial charm. de-prioritising miscellaneous to cajole him, postponing usual chores to indulge in a childish monologue with his ovulate expressions. he exudes life in to me, and two days aren’t enough to soak myself in his tiny little world of inundated dreams. as another monday creeps in, I tell my wife – I envy you.

Published by lifeoholic

Flamboyance meets me, and I could be contagiously luring. It kind of comes off in my writing, as my stories of passion and indulgence unfold.

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