When’s next?

‘Animals don’t live in jungles anymore. We have evolved – they look like humans, dress like normal people, roam around in every corner of our lives and rape our women like predators’.

Rape has now become a rustic commodity of filthy proportions. Ever since the gruesome night in Delhi, we talk about it almost everyday, much like politics banter, cricket victories and the economic stories. And much to the dismay of our self, we just keep living with this horror of being surrounded by such m*****f****** who take immense pride in killing the soul of our lives. And to top it, we have few shameless coordinates who fight for such junks and audaciously proclaim that the root cause of such barbaric events rests on our women. Aghast I am!

No, the piece of my mind is not due to the recently released documentary that’s doing the rounds in FBs and Twitters. But I am pained to see the respect our governments and establishments have for the womenfolk in the country. And mind you, it isn’t an Indian issue. I believe US, Europe and South East are faced with even terrible dangers of dealing with such blood shots as their crime rate of rape incidents are astronomical. True, India is generating a lot of hue and cry on this of late, but to term India as the most unsafe for women would be a foolish statement. Unless, someone is truly addressing the issue with the jerk that’s actually required for such heinous acts.

Let me tell you a short tale. Right from my childhood days, Kolkata was widely acknowledged as one of the safest cities in India where respect for women was a part of folklore. The only city in India where Maa Durga and Kali are worshipped with an extravaganza that’s unseen outside the Bengal waters. My sister and mom could walk in home after 11 PM without mobile phones, we could still sleep tight beneath our pillows, being assured of their safe return. 15-20 years down the line, this has changed. With all my love for the city of joy that remains undiminished, this change is a sorry state of affairs for the women in the city. The other day, I read about a rape case in rural Bengal, the sordid tale goes beyond the interiors. Major cities including Kolkata wake up to such horrors every morning and the newspaper goes to the trash can by end of the day but the events don’t. Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad and of course Delhi – all have rape jargon to boast of. Yet, the noise dwindles for the day, only to reappear with few more maniacs lurking around like grasshoppers. Hard to notice, but yet creeping over our lives.

Coming back to the documentary, more intent was displayed on banning it rather than focussing on the content that brought forth such unscrupulous people living around that includes fire fighting guys like lawyers – I was shocked to hear their perception of women and a nightmare to imagine that these guys have mothers and wives to live with. Why don’t we ban such lawyers from the system? Is this what we come up from education and civilised decorum (so called)? I agree that the documentary kind of glorifies the comments of the precarious individuals but then why not tap on this ugly publicity to slaughter the administration that survives on the bane of such individuals?

Worst, these kinds are custodians of law and we expect them to fight for morality. Holy Christ!

We have seen that rape is beyond feminism, sensuality and lust. It’s an act of vicious audacity that murders humanity, at the core. How on earth do you explain 6 year olds being raped? What could be the modus operandi? Nuns are being raped, what…? I am not sure if you feel the agony around or you probably decide to just ignore it until something ghastly happens with one of your own?? Newspapers, media, governments, wealthy powerful people.. Do they just splash the news to invoke curiosity out of those celebrated convicts? May be, we will wait for another 10 years to make up our mind if rapists deserve death penalty? I still hear statements like ‘India is a tolerant country, our culture is different’ – how long will we live with shit like this and embrace ourselves to cowardice in the pretext of shielding our values? Are we not the same country whose pseudo title happens to be ‘Mother India’?

Well, Mother in India is dying, what about you World?

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