Kaka: The Retrospective

@ Anand

A story of a terminally ill messiah, Hrishi da’s masterpiece lingers high above all other RK’s blockbusters. Anand Sehgal is your next door juvenile guy who weaves you in to a web of fragrant waves. He brings laughter with a unique sense of magnetism and the people around him revel in his presence. RK mesmerises with a performance of a lifetime and Amitabh ‘Babumoshai’ Bachhan becomes an aid to an iconic character. Gulzar Saab writes magic for Anand and his lines become cinema’s most cherished ones. Mukesh’s songs and Hrishi da’s script gel like it never has. Rest, as they say, was just pure history.

@ Aradhana

RKs first brush with super stardom, Shakti Samanta’s greatest blockbuster became Khanna’s own. A story that SS ideally made for the beautiful Sharmila Tagore, Khanna made it his own with exploits of a charming air force officer wooing his girl with Kishore da’s eternal voice. ‘Mere Sapnon ki Rani’ and ‘Roop Tera Mastana’ are crazy numbers even today and SS saw the peak with the musical that catapulted Khanna to stardom where his career soared with the flagship of a superstar.

@ Bawarchi

Another Hrishikesh Mukherjee classic, Khanna relives God in the shape of a cook who literally does everything. Coming in to a house of splattered relationships, Ramu breathes fresh lease of life in to a bereaved family. People adore him, neighbours envy him and he spreads simplicity with a meaning of life that exists within ourselves but seldom cared to be explored. Khanna’s charm visible in every frame, he carries the film on his own and lives every frame as a portrait possessed of self. This remains a personal favourite.

@ Ittefaq

A thriller from Yash Chopra, this film is a classic that often misses out to be widely acknowledged in the sphere of few others. A genre that Khanna rarely ventured in to, this one stood out in terms of the plot and treatment. A sexy Nanda and a bewildered Khanna embroiled in a smart conspiracy, Ittefaq was a fresh breathe of air in an era that believed in candy floss romance. In an age of feminine innocence where casting women with grey shades was taboo, Nanda’s portrayal was benign class with touch of lustful cacophony. My unconventional RK pick.

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