Living amidst mayhem?


A very brave question, especially when President Obama’s emphatic and proud proclamation of bringing down terrorism and it’s leaders descended upon all of us. If you ask me, I do not see a pin up to this entire episode which began long before the debacle of 09/11 engraved all of us.

Yes, Osama is dead. On a vehicle of context, even Prabhakaran, Veerappan and Saddam Hussain are gone. Each of them, at their own capacity of value system, were extremists of their own kind. Ironically, they were eradicated, not by our men of honour but in the hands of timeless squadron that failed to negotiate with none.

As we step on the tenth anniversary of an event that changed the world and it’s perspective for ever, I feel that we have probably eliminated key elements on course, but the road ahead looks less formidable with diminished sheen.

As we talk about those celebrated victories, I have my own engrossing reasons to talk about the blast in New Delhi, which aims to fracture the heart and soul of a nation that’s struggling to battle the ghosts of terrorism for decades now. Honestly, I fail to see a tunnel that could emit the bleakest of rays amongst the hapless human race.

Yet another explosion, the mundane condolence notification from our equally futile leaders and another couple-of-days of hush hush before we settle down to await another calamity in the heart of our homeland is our scheduled agenda for the year (infinitely not predictable would be my gut-feeling statement). Shameless, if it can be termed so, would be the prize winner for the understatement of the year.

Investigations are in place, evidences are being accumulated, not-so-very criminals are bravely captured and summons are issued. A fair verdict would take most of our lives or when we are engulfed in pondering over the next blast in our neighbourhood.

I am afraid, but secured is nowhere. Yet, our governments, administration and judicial system are fighting a gorgeous battle against an enemy who is clever, few in number and judiciously equipped to impose a seasonal jolt with maximum impact.

I am positive, for being capable enough to celebrate more such anniversaries that would devastate our lives towards anguish.

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