7 Khoon Maaf: Seventh Wonder!

Ruskin Bond couldn’t have dreamt of such a spectacular brochure of his own work on silver screen; VB’s take on this classic is nothing short of a revelation and is beyond the congruency of the Indian audience to get the reverberation within from a magnum opus like this one.

VB makes it very clear in the credits pertinent to the script and doesn’t mince words; but the treatment of the same stands out. It would be unfair to have this compared with his earlier products (even though Maqbool and Omkara still ranks above all else for me) but this one would hover around very close to be the número uno. Editing and the pace has been persistent without compromising the intensity factor; the vintage solitude and the precarious monument of vivacious crime spells brilliance.

The casting of the dispensable husbands has been near perfect; the pick of the lot being the inclusion of the talented and underrated Annu Kapur; the camaraderie of the characters were stunning. The music was surprisingly ordinary and except ‘Darling’, others failed to grab my attention. Screenplay mesmerised.

‘7 Khoon Maaf’ will go down as Priyanka Chopra’s most exquisite till date. She was passive, restrained and versatile; she looked ominous in every frame of her diverse portrayal. I must say that she is one actor who has immensely matured in the last five years and the performance here has been the icing on the cake.

VB’s efforts have always caught my attention; this one enthrals to the core.

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