Flashback: Parzania – A story that leads to the glorious hell

If candy floss entertainment is your bane, then Parzania will be a very hard pill to swallow; I do not recommend it for those who are in a pretext to focus on the non-essentials.

‘Parzania’ is a heart wrenching tale of a middle class self satisfied yet open minded and suave family whose life comes to a standstill when pandemonium breaks in the form of the devastating riots in the heart of Godhra, Gujarat on the sinful day of 27th February, 2002.

Gujarat was and has never been the same place since and India as a nation, visited apocalypse, again.

The sort of portrayal of a simple yet jovial family reaches it’s fulcrum of defeat and agony when one fine day, hundreds and thousands of Hindu activists romp in to a muslim community in retaliation of the murder of around 59 people (predictably Hindus) who were reportedly returning from Ayodhya in a train in Godhra. What follows is sheer madness and the utter sense of disrespect amongst cannibals for human lives. Women are raped (even little girls are not spared), men are tonsured and brutally murdered in front of their kith and kin and children are just dismissed as another set of commodities who breathe. ‘Parzania’ is a true depiction, inspired by real life events that unfolded on that fateful day in Gujarat and India, and very few would want to recollect those shameful events that marked yet another ignominious chapter in the annals of Indian history.

Dholakia directs admirably with an impeccable star cast; Naseer is rock solid and Sarika is an able ally. The little kids exude innocence, especially Parzan, whose pseudo image and could-be evolution of the fantasy zone is the sole soul of ‘Parzania’.

‘Parzania’ is a must for very Indian who is proud for what India is not. If given a chance, I would give it a miss, for my heart bleeds when I watched those tearful moments on screen and would urge you all to watch it for our future generations. I beg you, this is not the India I want. Neither do you.

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