Inception – When dreams could be so menacing..

“Matt Davis (fictitious yet a possible derivation of the sub conscious mind) steals thoughts from the sub conscious mind of human beings; he portrays relevancy in depicting people as the primary protagonist to manipulate and conquer the variations inside the human brain. His is a fling to portray a world very different from our hemisphere but still remains vindicated within our sub conscious fragility. There are rules; and very prolific. The theory that our sub conscious mind is more diligent than our conscious one is bought to the fore; we only utilize 10% of our thoughtful and sedate human brain; that’s when we are awake. When we are asleep, our sub conscious allows us to peek in to a world that challenges our intellect and devours the very existence of human contingencies.

The protagonist cannot design the dreams himself to accomplish the task as his inherent intentions would intervene; he hires another exponent with similar or better expertise to set the platform and follows the same for his foundation to achieve the impossible. Build your dreams based on perception but owes never to bring in memories that would thrive to demolish the paranormal injunction of his own. Sedatives are used to introduce layers within a dream, wherein the hunter becomes the hunted; and the hunted becomes a host of his own creation. The concept of ‘Limbo’ suggests that we can spend infinite number of hours, weeks and years within the dream, if we defeat our own purpose of being existent within multiple layers. In simple words, the dream then becomes your reality. There are subjugate characters and all of them are in aid and awe of the protagonist’s conviction to extract the desired from the sub conscious of his subjects.”

Well. if this introduction was a bit too much for you, then ‘Christopher Nolan’ would always stun with you with something better. ‘ Inception’ does exactly the recommended. One of the finest exhibitions of the human existence behind the inimitable layers of our versatile human brain has been showcased with elan; the experience sums it up when ‘Adriane’ exclaims: “I am sorry but whose sub conscious mind are we getting in to..??”. That statement is a major jolt for all of those miniature movie goers whose sole intention is to grab those fluffy popcorn packets and settle down for a cozy evening in front of a multiplex screen. Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight’ was a pale shadow of his earlier works (Memento) but still was a notch higher when compared to other ‘Batman’ flicks. With ‘Inception’, Nolan is back with a bang.

Oops! I think my sub conscious mind is scripting this experience of watching a rare gem at our doorsteps; mark my words, mortals would still prefer to live with their conscious inhabitants in peace.

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Flamboyance meets me, and I could be contagiously luring. It kind of comes off in my writing, as my stories of passion and indulgence unfold.

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