We dig the grave and accuse others of getting buried..

Khuda Ke Liye, Sarfarosh, Firaaq, Bombay, Gadar, My Name Is Khan, Mission Kashmir, New York, Shaurya, Rang De Basanti, Delhi 6, Veerzara, Hey Ram, Kurbaan, A Wednesday, Dus Kahaniyan.

What do the above listed blockbusters have in common..?? What makes them much more staggering than mere dramatic sequences in the large repository of the tinsel town..?

Yes, they are all products of very established and talented filmmakers. But there is a single thread that stitches all these flicks together.
All of these portray the infamous friction that has been hovering around two of the most mercurial communities in our country. I would still term them as ‘Communities’, not religion. The plain simple reason being no religion in this world encourages violence and nepotism, but human beings do. Every single barrier discovered and created on the name of caste, creed and socio-economic definitions are credits to superlative human behavior and insane prejudices. And amidst this glorious battle of unscrupulous inhabitants of our great nation, the innocent and the helpless suffer countless atrocities. And to my dismay, this epidemic refuses to die. But my question is, for how long…??
Let’s go back and revisit history. Once upon a time, a great nation called ‘Hindustan’ got itself liberated from the cruel and self indulging clutches of the ‘Britishers’. We were ruined, looted and crucified. Our wealth was magnanimously showered upon by the self centered clan and the remains were mere aftermaths of the ruthless whites. We did not have an economy and hence our resources were visibly depleted. Poverty was our strength and education was an alien concept. Yet, we emerged. We rose like a phoenix and our accomplishments are here to be seen and applauded. You know why…??? We were able to do that because the country was together and oneness was our slogan. 
But then, apocalypse struck. Partition happened and what followed were some of the most forgettable chapters in Indian history. ‘India’ split in to ‘Hindustan’ and ‘Pakistan’. MK Gandhi could not convince Jinnah (I still believe that MKG had his own reasons and theory behind this decision)  and the people were unable to digest this calamity. Thousands lost their lives and families, the freedom came for a price which no one had ever imagined or asked for. The loss was unprecedented. People lost their identity and the roots were uprooted. Trust me, partition was not a cinematic narration, it was hardcore reality. And, till today, the few are citing these shocking events as evidences for today’s situation, which is engulfed by terrorism.
****Watch out for the sequel..****

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