The Scintillating World of Advertisements..!!!

Advertisements these days have adopted a very uncanny way of imparting a message to the public, be it social, political, diplomatic or religion. And of late, this has immensely impressed me, especially a few, which carry a strong yet intrinsic and valuable meaning.

I have always believed that Advertising is a dynamic profession and they are an indispensable part of our daily lives. Be it at work or at home, at parties or movies, advertising has been the name of the game. I admit that it does have it’s own set of drawbacks, but we have to keep in mind that anything which depicts itself in such an explicit fashion and thrives to survive in a very sensitive and fragile environment, is bound to have certain flaws. But it cannot be denied that over the years, advertisements have always had their own set of admirers and that in itself, for me, is a phenomenal achievement. And the trend still continues.

I have been watching IPL whenever time permits, and the Vodafone clips are really refreshing. The animation is simple but provocative and conveys the message straight. Some time back, I came across some Airtel ads which were equally thought provoking. It seems that the cellular services are hell bent in reaching out to their customers by coming out with such entertaining and sensible stuff (I would be happier if they devoted some more time in making their respective networks more reliable). Some of the Insurance and Banking advertisements are really leaving their mark with some smart and juvenile comments, which reciprocates common man’s thoughts and sensibilities.

Gone are those days when advertisements used to be fillers to some of the most watched epics and mega serials in television history. Today, as we are gearing up for greater altitudes, I would not be completely surprised if this happens to be vice versa.

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